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Bariatric Fellowship Empoyment Guide

by | Apr 7, 2018 | General

ESA Medical Resources ( works very closely with hundreds of bariatric fellowship candidates as they finish their fellowship programs and transition into their first full time employment opportunity. We have developed this guide with answers to many of the questions we have received which may assist future bariatric fellowship candidates seeking their first employment opportunity.

When should a bariatric fellowship candidate begin seeking their first employment opportunity?

We recommend candidates actively begin their employment search up to 6-9 months before the end of their fellowship program. Most employers want to secure a candidate within six months of the date they start recruiting and won’t consider candidates who are too far from their availability to begin employment. Waiting too close to your completion date, however may mean a delay in employment.

How important is a well written CV?Bariatric Fellowship Guide

It is extremely important.  Your CV is the first impression that you will make to a prospective employer.  Employers are looking for full but concise details about your education and work history. They will also be evaluating how well you express yourself in writing. The American College of Physicians provides an outstanding guide for preparing a CV.

How does the Recruitment Process Work?

Recruiters generally do not charge a fee to candidates.  The facility that is seeking a bariatric surgeon will be paying recruiting fees. You will want to contact a recruiter 6 to 9 months before you finish your fellowship program.  Most recruiters will ask for a copy of your CV that they will keep on file.  As they sign agreements with employers they will notify you of new jobs.  As you express interest in specific jobs the recruiter will forward your CV to employer(s).

After the employer reviews your CV they will contact you, if they are interested to conduct a phone interview. You should do your homework before this first interview and be prepared to impress and ask questions that are important to you. Kennesaw University provides an excellent guide on acing phone interviews.

If you impress the employer during the phone interview they may ask you to visit them for a face-to-face interview that is typically paid by the employer. As with the phone interview do your homework and be prepared for the face-to-face interview.

The University of South Carolina has prepared an excellent guide that covers the preparation for in person interviews. Bariatric First Job

There may be additional phone interviews and emails after the in-person interview.  Remember that you are still being evaluated.  Remember to watch what you say and also how you say it.


I Have Been Offered a Job what is Next?

If an employer wants to offer you a position they will present to you an employment agreement to review.  It is highly recommended that you seek legal counsel familiar with employment law to review the employment agreement. The American College of Physicians provides an excellent guide on reviewing and negotiating employment agreements.

As you negotiate an employment agreement you will also need to consider the cost of living and the quality of life of the geographical area that you are considering. The Council for Community and Economic Research has developed and outstanding guide for evaluating cost of living of once location versus another.  Area Vibes provides a comprehensive index evaluating quality of life based on population ranges.  And finally Great Schools provides you a comparison of schools across the country. Utilizing these tools will assist with your evaluation of the position that you are considering.


You have accepted the Position- Getting Ready for the Move

There are still many decisions to make before you start your new job.  Do you buy or rent?  Do you move yourself or do you hire a mover?  Real Simple provides a good checklist to use to assist in organizing your move. If you make the decision to purchase is a reliable site to view property for sale in the community where you are moving. is also another good resource for researching homes and neighborhoods for sale or for rent.Bariatric Rent or Own

We hope you find this guide useful as you transition from your fellowship training to your new job. We are here to assist you locate that perfect practice situation. Please call ESA Medical Resources Liz Smith at 270-320-6614 or email her at .   We know that you will have important decisions to make and want to wish you the best on finding that perfect practice opportunity. We are here to assist every step of the way.