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We Are A Contingency Recruitment Firm

ESA Medical Resources is a contingency recruitment firm. Contingency fees are paid only when a candidate is hired by the client that we represent. Contingency fees are discussed before we begin searching for candidates and are stipulated in a written contract. Typically, we are paid a flat fee for surgeons and physicians, and 20% of starting salary for all other positions.


To protect clients, we guarantee the candidate will remain with the practice for at least 90 days. Should a referred candidate leave or be terminated with cause within 90 calendar days of the commencement of employment, we will continue to recruit for a replacement candidate at no additional fee for 12 months following the month of departure.

Advantages of Using a Contingency Recruitment Firm

Although contingency fees may be more expensive per position than having a recruiter on retainer, it can represent a savings if the client doesn’t have a lot of open positions or its needs are difficult to fill. The client has the advantage in a contingency contract in that no fee is paid unless the right candidate is found.