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Bariatric Program/Case Management Service

by | Apr 15, 2018 | General

Bariatric Program/Case Management Services

Do you own a private bariatric surgery practice and are seeking to cover/provide the services below without hiring personnel or free up personnel to provide other services? If the answer is yes, I am working with a client that provides the following contract Bariatric Program/Case Management services:

  1. Provide support, education, resources to bariatric patients pre and post op
  2. Act as liaison between practice/patient and insurance co.
  3. Counsel patients who are in need of extra support to achieve goals.
  4. Be frontline to answer questions from doctors offices re: surgery referrals
  5. Provide information to insurance related to authorization for surgery.
  6. Coordinate pre surgery tests, appointments and supervised weight loss programs.
  7. Skype/FaceTime patients to provide one on one support/education as needed.
  8. Provide post op support services ie access to products, dietary services,  exercise resources,etc

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